• Childhood Cancer Framed Carpet Art

Childhood Cancer Framed Carpet Art

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You should be overjoyed to know your lovely child survived childhood cancer. It requires celebration and something to remember the journey through dark tunnel of pediatric cancer. Your little baby just won the battle over the cancer! The pain, sadness, uncertainties and doubts were much on you and your child but there was victory at the end of the struggle! Today, efforts to cure children cancer are on the increase as well as awareness, education and better treatment options, increasing the chances of survival each year. The children's cancer Gold Ribbon represents hope, strength and courage to keep fighting for both the child involved and for the family. The beautiful pediatric cancer keepsake features the gold Ribbon handcrafted in gold carpet against a blue background, which beautifully projects the gold ribbon design. It comes blank so you can easily customize it. It measures “24 by 20”.

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