• 3D Carpet Living Room Bedroom Study Mat

3D Carpet Living Room Bedroom Study Mat

$ 478.00

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Product Details

-Advantages: moisture, non-slip, anti-static, wear-resistant, easy to clean, cost-effective.
-Scope: living room, bedroom, bedside den, porch computer chairs, children's room, etc..
-About the color
Since the scanning and shooting other reasons
such as the occurrence of physical and picture is slightly different
please in kind color prevail
color carpet industry regulations in the normal allowable range
please understand, thanks
-About cleaning
Users are prohibited from water immersion, it is recommended to wacuuming or wipe with a wet rag, dry naturally
 -About odor
Due to prolonged transport, seals, open ventilation when you receive the product, taste quickly cleared
Products have passed environmental testing, please feel at ease
Size: 78.5X118.1In Appx
*We have rich experience on carpet custom*
*If you need to customize, please feel free to contact us *

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