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Keepsake carpet is a company that produces custom designed carpet inlays and carpet mats.  These designs range from fraternity insignia, logos, religious themes, inspirational themes, alternate life styles themes to personal themes such as names.  We are creative in what we produce and take great pride in our work.

Keepsake carpets are designed to display pride in personal affiliations.  Keepsake carpets can be used in many creative ways.  Some use it as a carpet and others use it as a wall hanging.  Whichever way it is used, it is presented with pride. 

The carpet design work began in 1994 when the owner (Anthony Hudgins) dyed the names of his children on a carpet mat.  His children kept those carpet mats through middle school and high school.  In fact if they weren’t so wore they would have taken them to college.  This display of personal attachment by his children led Anthony to explore different ways a personal connection could be made through custom designed carpets.

Keepsake carpets is located in Central New Jersey and has served the public for over 20 years developing various niche carpet brands.

Our current affiliation with shopify represents our goal of expanding our customer base with an ecommerce site that creates an effortless transaction.

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